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Lincoln Pool Available Subs

To find a team to play with or to find a player, please submit the form below.

Team Looking for a Player

Team Captain Player Type Contact Last Update
Madsen’s Drag-N-Balz DJ Johnson

Full time Silver Division player on Thursdays @ 7pm MW 5/25 format



Call after 1:30 pm



Players Looking for a Team

Player Type Name Night Contact Last Update
Regular or Sub Krystal Klicko

Contact for availability

Skill level good – played in Beatrice leagues & tournaments



Regular or Sub Scott Kelly

All except Thursday

Text or call (leave a message)

352.651.2575 7/6/21
Regular Joe Henderson

Call for availability – Thursdays probably won’t work

Would like NW area/Steve O’s

402.405.1740 6/22/21
Sub Steve Peck

Call or text for availability

New to the Lincoln area

402.719.4960 5/5/21
Regular or Sub Greg Bad Moccasin Text for availability 402.601.7134 5/5/21
Regular Tanner Schmidt Text for availability 402.806.1623 3/31/21
Regular Dakota Carman

Call for availability

New to Waverly area