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Lincoln Pool Schedules

Summer 2016




All VVS Lincoln league session’s teams, players, schedules, restrictions and more information and details can be found by going to the ppmu VVS Charter page here: https://poolplayermatchups.com/charter?c=5 From the ppmu VVS Charter page, click on the “Start/End Date links” (right side of Leagues tables, under “Current/Next Session” column) for whatever league session you’d like to view. From a league session page, click on the “Schedule” link towards the top of the page to view the full schedule.  You can also scroll down to the middle of a league session page and use the different “View Links” to view the teams and players that are in each league session. Please let us or the ppmu Team (https://poolplayermatchups.com/contact) know if you have any questions or comments anytime.